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EATER | Young Guns 2017
Debbie Michail Runs a Roving, Open-Flame Supper Club

“I grew up in a home where we were always around a table full of food and laughter and talking and fighting,” says Michail, a Los Angeles native. Her Iranian-born grandmother would put on feasts for the whole family, and it wasn’t until that stay in Istanbul several years ago that Michail saw the sort of dinner tables — piled with dips and breads and roasted meats — that resembled her own at home. Since then, the 2017 Eater Young Guns winner has been on a path to rediscover her heritage while opening new culinary doors in and around Los Angeles. It helps that she has spent time in some of the city’s most important kitchens, working next to names like Nancy Silverton and Gino Angelini, but the heart of what Michail is doing is very, very personal.

LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE | Best of L.A Underground Supper Club

This pop-up from chef Debbie Michail and butcher Alex Jermasek, called Logmeh LA after the Farsi word for “savoring in one bite,” centers on an open fire, where a boar, goat, or lamb is roasted until succulent. Seasonings and sides—such as the sangak, an Iranian pebble bread—are inspired in part by Michail’s Iranian heritage and trips to Israel and Turkey. The dinners, about $125 per person, happen every few months.


For Abdullah’s birthday, Ry and Vanessa throw a Bedouin themed party and help chef Deb Mikhail stuff entire flame-roasted chickens with weed. Ras G performs.

The Migrant Kitchen: Episode 4

In this episode, we meet Debbie Michail who’s worked alongside some of the best chefs out there, from Mozza’s Nancy Silverton to Angelini Osteria’s Gino Angelini. Her work is influenced by her Iranian grandmother’s cooking and her own experience cooking gourmet Italian. At her Logmeh LA events, she and fellow butcher Alex Jermasek invite guests to experience large-format roasts over a fire, something she believes brings people together.

These Butchers Bring Middle Eastern Whole-Animal Roasts to LA

It’s a balmy Thursday evening in Hollywood, and with the sun having finally set, it’s begun to get dark, save the crackling fire pit that Debbie Michail is crouched in front of. She’s checking a pot of turmeric rice sitting atop the smoldering embers, grilling skewered chicken hearts, and balancing pans on varying makeshift cook surfaces over the flame while her partner, Alex, breaks down birds, removing their backbones with quick knife strokes.

Best Of L.A. /// Food & Drink /// 2016

If you’re looking to stoke your primordial senses, Logmeh (morsel in Farsi), a pop-up by duo Alex Jermasek, head butcher of Curtis Stone’s Gwen, and Belcampo’s Debbie Michail, is the perfect dining experience. Each dinner is dedicated to one animal, from succulent game birds to an entire goat, cooked in a myriad of ways on a crackling open fire, seasoned with Middle Eastern spice and cooking techniques.